Functional Ceramics Functional Ceramics Nut Bowls Shelled nuts are placed in the bowled top as shells are discarded in the mouth. Available 125975838 Shamrock: Dog Bowls Made hand built and built tough. Available 125975840 Creamer N/A 125975842 Symbolized Sea Jelly Container N/A 125975843 Toothbrush Holder/Slip Cup A cup that supports a toothbrush in its side pouch. Available 125975845 Plait: Tea Service N/A 125975846 Buttons: Vases Available 125975848 Tea Bag Holder Tea begs will rest in the bowl and stir sticks will fit in the opened hole. Available 125975849 Plait Noodle Bowl Double sided bowl. Available 125975851 Buttons: Small Platter N/A 125975852 Knight's Keep: Tea Service N/A 125975854 Stained: Tea Service N/A 125975855 Breith Anabaí- Próca Bláthann -Miscarriage- Flower Pot- N/A 125975856 Temoku Brown: Large Bowls Available 149635419 Moss: Bowl Set Available 149635420 Moss: soup mugs Available 149635421 Moss: Serving bowls Available 149635422 brown and Blue: Vase N/A 149635423 Iron Rust And Green Moss: Service N/A 153159056 Gun Metal Blue Canister Set Available 153159057 Olive Green Bottles N/A 153159058 Brown Mugs N/A 153159059 Creme Tumblers N/A 153159060 Shamrock Serving Platter N/A 153159061 Tethered Tall Vase N/A 153159064