Sculpture Sculpture Dream Thrower N/A 123331929 Aviator Man N/A 123331930 My Lament N/A 123331931 Brute Take N/A 123331932 Church Key N/A 123331933 Shain Dick: Fierce Available 123331934 Born of Mulch N/A 123331935 Aviator Available 125977778 Masculine and Feminine Dreamers N/A 123503466 Pride N/A 123503467 Poseidon's Gift N/A 123616146 Kraken's Wake Available 125977775 Head Like Hermes Available 125977776 Head Like Hermes: Side Available 125977777 Bounded Beholder: Walking Stick Available 125977780 Kites and Sunshine Available 137394378 Tribute: William Available 137394379 Tribute: Patrick Available 137394380 Spawn: Battle Phase N/A 137394626 Rage is Power N/A 137404177 Kokopelli: Call of Purpose Donated to the purpose of the Craig Latham Medical Fund Online Auction 137939819 A starving Man Available 149635219 Dust Bowl Habits N/A 149635220 Man Made Growth in Nature Available 149635221 Lions Maiden Available 153159870 Memory in the World Available 153159871 Brushpile Pipes Available 153159872 Colours of the Rainbow: Rainbow Trout Available 153159873