Josh Is currently in his third year in college at Oklahoma Panhandle State University while studying in Art.  He keeps traditional art work running through his hands daily and with only Fall classes, plans to study the wheel further and enhance his ideas in several painting medias and multi media projects to keep up to pace in his knowledge and extention of work and style.  Josh has currently traveled as an apprentice to shows through the 2011 Summer with Brent Shoulders to get the idea of what is needed to show as an artist and has held his first art showing on the 29th of September, 2011.  Now he finds himself producing a wide selection for future shows and commissions as he keeps way in his studies. 



Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1991, Josh has been well traveled, leaving him with a grasp on many experiences and multicultural understandings, many of which are inspirational to his work.   He was a top art student through his high school career using two dimensional media, but...

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Artist Statement: 

Art is a creation of something, and it produces a great feeling.  The power of this is pushed by many aspects of my life.  Through my life I’ve had many daring adventures, and with adventures, come stories.  A story, to me, isn’t easily spoken.  The process of art helps me to express a life unspoken and ...

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