Art is a creation of something, and it produces a great feeling.  The power of this is pushed by many aspects of my life.  Through my life I’ve had many daring adventures, and with adventures, come stories.  A story, to me, isn’t easily spoken.  The process of art helps me to express a life unspoken and a life being traveled.  I have seen many faces and expressions that, in an emotional perspective, have inspired me greatly.  Many of these experiences are portrayed through my work. 

From a young age, I naturally built worlds and dreams of my own.  Dreams create goals and my goals have a lot of control in my work.  Since I can remember, I’ve had the goal to move to the green emerald island of Ireland.  The beauty itself captures my mind, but the island holds a friendly people and a personal ethnic root.  Themes in my work that become more functional or conceptual tend to hold an Irish regional cultured theme.  Knotting, braids, swirls, and plaids are examples of cultural designs that I base such work on. 

I’m not an artist of a single medium.  Whatever my mind creates I will use materials needed to make it a reality.  Every set of work I create improves my level of skill.  I focus mostly on new creations in clay media, but to thrive to add and alter materials to accomplish a piece beyond ceramic.  Settling for one thing is a shackle and chain for me because I’m a natural adventurer at heart.  To live this adventure of mine to its fullest, I have to push and challenge myself in all aspects.




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